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In this tutorial, you will learn to design a yoga icon. The final output of this yoga icon can be seen below :-

yoga icon, meditation icon

Select elliptical marquee tool and draw a selection as shown. Create a new layer for yoga icon base by pressing shift+ctrl+n. Set the foreground to #FF6C00 & background to #FFE303 and fill the selection with gradient tool.

Now, we will create several circles in the yoga icon base which represent various levels of knowledge with these layer styles :-

Now, we are drawing a symbol of Yogi or meditator for our yoga icon.
Select ellipse tool . Draw a black color shape with it as shown :-

Now, select Rounded Rectangle Tool

. Set the radius to 15 px and draw the shape as shown :-

Again use ellipse tool to draw the shape as shown :-

Group and merge all the layers of Yogi. Duplicate, reduce its size and place them as shown :-

Now, for giving it a glossy look, select

. Create a new layer and draw a selection as shown :-

Press 'D' to change the foreground and background colors to default black & white. Press 'X' to swap foreground and background color. Select and select foreground to transparent gradient fill

Fill the selection with it as shown :-

We now have our yoga icon ready :)

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