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Wood Nameplate

Photoshop Tutorial

Wooden signboards are very popular. This tutorial teaches you how to design a nice looking wooden signboard. Final output can be seen below: -

Start by selecting pen tool. Click on paths and draw the paths as shown:-

Press control+Enter to select the path. Create a new layer by pressing shift+control+n together. Fill the selection with #EFA03F.

Right click on its layer name in layer pallate and select blending options. Under blending options, select Inner Shadow and apply it as shown below:-

Image after applying inner shadow:-

Control+Click on the first layer's name in layer pallate to select it. Create a new layer and fill the selection with #A05C40.

Now, the trick. Use high feathered eraser (around 100 pixels). Set the opacity around 40% and erase the most of the middle portion. Also erase the top and lower part of the layer. You will have something like this:-

Create another layer for the lines. Draw various lines with 3 pixel wide brush tool.

Finished the design by adding some custom text in it.

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