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Web Seal

Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn to create a web seal, which is very popular web graphic. Final output of this web seal tutorial can be seen below :-


Select this autoshape :-

Draw the shape with #DADADA color :-

Draw a circle with ellipse tool and apply gradient overlay as shown in the next figure :-

Draw another circle as shown. Use # FB9806 color for this one :-

Draw this shape with pen tool :-

Apply gradient overlay as shown :-

Duplicate this shape by pressing control+j. Go to edti>transform>flip horizontal and place it as shown :-

Draw another shape at both sides of the two shapes as shown. Use similar gradient overlay as we applied in previous two shapes :-

Now, draw this shape with pen tool. Use similar gradient overlay. In addition add little drop shadow in it :-

Our web seal is about to complete. Add your text in this web seal.

In addition, I have added glossy look to it. For this, create a new layer. Use elliptical marquee tool to draw a selection. Fill the selection from gradient tool by keeping white at the top and black at the bottom and changing the layer style to screen :-

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