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Waxed Sealed Envelope

Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn to create a wax sealed enevlop. Final output of this wax sealed envelope can be seen below :-

Start by creating this shape by creating a new layer, selecting through Rectangular Marquee tool and filling the selection with # B9936F color:-

Go to filter>Noise>Add noise and apply these values :-

Also, go to filter>blur>Gaussian blur and blur it 1 pixel. Image after applying noise and gaussian blur :-

Apply these layer styles :-

Similarly, make a new selection after creating a layer with polygonal lasso tool. Fill color and filters will be the same as we applied previously :-

Now apply these layer styles :-

Our envelop is ready :-

Now, create this shape with ellipse tool. Use #C80100 color to fill the shape :-

Duplicate this layer by pressing control+j. Press control+t to transform the shape and slightly reduce the size (around 2 pixels smaller than the first circle). Apply gradient overlay as shown :-

Create a third circle as shown. Use #C80100 color for it :-

Draw a star shape with #C80100 color. The shape is present in Autoshapes. Apply Bevel and Emboss as shown : -

Draw some lines with 2 pixel brush having #C80100 color :-

Group and merge all the seal layers. Select the lower middle part of the wax seal layer. Press shift+control+j to have a layer via cut. Change this layer's blending mode to multiply. Our wax sealed envelope is ready to be opend :)

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