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Watercolor Painting Effect

Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn to convert your picture to water color painting.

Open your image :-

Press control+j to duplcite the layer. Now, desaturate it by pressing shift+control+u keys together.

Change the blending mode of this desaturated layer to Hard Light :-

Now, we will use two photoshop filters which can convert almost any image to a water color paint like image. The first filter we will use is Smart Blur. Go to filter>Blur>Smart Blur and adjust the settings as shown. If your image is larger then this one then you should adjust the amounts until you get the desired effect :-

You will get something like this :-

water color

The last filter which we will use to convert a picture to water color paint is FACET. Go to filter>pixelate>facet and you are done.

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