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In this tutorial, you will learn to create a tv icon.:-
Select rounded rectangle tool and set the radius to 6 px. Draw this shape :-

Apply gradient overlay as shown :-

Now, duplicate the layer. Change the size of this layer and also, change the angle of gradient overlay to -90 degree as shown :-

Again, duplicate the layer, reduce its size and apply gradient overlay as shown. It will be the screen of our television icon.

Now, duplicate the first layer or the base layer (not the background layer :)

). Remove all the layer styles. Reduce its size as shown and make it the top layer by pressing control+shift+}.

Now, select rounded rectangle tool again. Press '-' (minus sign) from the numeric keypad and draw another rounded rectangle inside this layer as shown. It will substract the area from the first shape.

Duplicate this layer. Reduce its size and place this layer as shown.

Change the fill opacity of this layer to around 33%.

Now, draw a #706D66 colored circle with ellipse tool as shown :-

Draw a tinny white color circle inside this shape.

Draw more shapes similar to this button as shown :-

Now, draw two 2 pixel wide lines with line tool. Change the foreground color to #737373 prior to drawing the lines :-

Duplicate the two buttons and place them as shown :-

Now, draw a circle with ellipse tool as shown :-

Reduce the fill opacity to 16%.

Finally, draw the ovular shape with ellipse tool. Choose any shade of gray color. Rasterize this layer and add gaussian blur (filter>blur>gaussian blur) in it. Experiment with amount and you will have something like this. Our TV icon is ready :)

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