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Torn Bider Paper

Photoshop Tutorial

Torn paper designing is very popular today. You have probably seen these torn paper desings in various websites. This tutorial teaches you to design a realistic torn paper which can be used in various design projects including webpages.

Start by creating a blank file of your choice. Fill the background with dark gray color. Use rectangular marquee tool to draw a rectagle. Create a new layer by pressing shift+control+n together and fill the selection with white. This is the base of our torn paper design.

Now, go to filter>noise>add noise and give these values :-

Image after applying Add noise filter.

Press 'E' or select Eraser tool. Select this brush size.

Start erasing the upper part of the paper as shown.

Again select the next brush

Start erasing the lower part of the paper. These two brushes will make the paper surface torned.

With the help of line tool, draw this line.

Add Gaussian Blur as shown:-

Line, after applying Gaussian Blur filter:-

Press control+j to duplicate the line. Place them as shown:-

Again select rectangular marquee tool and draw a selection. Create a new layer and fill the selection with #F6EDD0 color.

Select eraser tool and select soft feathered 65 px brush :-

Erase the most of the block leaving the left part as shown. After that, change the layer mode from normal to multiply. Our Torn Paper is ready :)

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