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Thorn Text Effect

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In this tutorial, you will learn to create cactus like thorn text effect.
Start by filling your background by a gradient. Choose #A3D060 as foreground and white as background. Select linear gradient to fill the background. Now, choose Horizontal Type Mask tool as shown :-

Set the font to Times New Roman and set the size to 250 pt.

Again, change the foreground and bakcground colors to #B5CE8C and #AAC07F respectively. Create a new layer by pressing shift+ctrl+n. Fill the selection with linear gradient.

While, selection is still active, go to Edit>Stroke and apply these values :-

Now, right click on its layer's name in layer pallate and select Blending Options...

Apply these layer styles :-

Set the texture in Bevel and Emboss as shown :-

Duplicate this layer by pressing control+j. Now go to Filter > Distort > Ripple.
Set the amount to 100 and size to Medium. Press control+f for 6 times to complete your cactus like throne text effect :)

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