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Stylish Glossy Button

Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn to design a stylish glossy button.
Select ellipse tool and draw the circle as shown. It will be the base of our stylish glossy button :-

Add these layer styles in our stylish glossy button base :-

Create this gradient :-

You will see that our stylish glossy button base is ready :)

Now, draw another circle in the middle of the first shape. Color value is given in the shape.

Apply these layer styles :-

Our stylish glossy button is getting really stylish. Isn't it? :)

Now, select this autoshape :-

Draw this shape while selecting the foreground color to #A2FF00 in the middle of the second shape leaving 2-3 pixels. Change the opacity to 36% and blending mode to screen :-

Now, we will add glossy effect to this button. For that, draw this shape with the help of pen tool :-

Now, change the fill opacity to 35%.

Finally, type the desired text in it. Our stylish glossy button is ready to use :)

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Stylish Glossy Button Tutorial | Photoshop Glossy Button Tutorial | Learn to Create a Stylish Glossy Button