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Soft Light Effect

Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial teaches you to apply soft light effect on your image.

Open your image :-

Press control+j to duplicate the layer and press shift+control+u to desaturate the new layer.

Click on Add layer mask button as shown :-

Your layer pallate should look like this :-

Click on layer mask thumbnail to active it and go to Image>Apply image :-

Your image should look like this :-

Now, click on image thumbnail to active it. ( It is located just before the layer mask thumbnail ). Now do two things :-

1. Go to filter>Blur>Gaussian blur and give 2.5 radius.
2. Change the blending mode of the layer to Multiply.

Duplicate this layer again and change its blending mode to Linear doge. You now have soft ligt effect on your image. If you want more light than change the blending mode to Color Dodge.

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Soft Light Effect Tutorial | Photoshop Soft Light Effect Tutorial | Learn to Create a Soft Light Effect