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Rusty Text Effect

Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial teaches you to create a nice looking rusty text effect. Final output of the tutorial can be seen below : -

Create a new file. Fill the background with dark gray color. Type any text of your choice. I have used these settings :-

Apply Inner Shadow as shown: -

Control+click on text layer's name in layer pallate to select it. Go to select>modify>contract and contract the selection by 1 pixel.

Create a new layer and fill the selection with #808183.

Apply these layer styles in it: -

Now, control+click on the first text layer's name in layer pallate to select it.

Create a new layer. Select this gradient.

Fill the selection with it. Press control+d to deselect. Press control+shift+} to move the layer to top.

Change its layer style to Vivid Light.

Now, select Smude tool

. Set the mode to darken and strength to 40%. Select this brush :-

Drag the brush from top to bottom as shown in the figure :-

Finally add drop shaodw in it. Our rusty text is ready :)

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