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Photoshop Tutorial

Create a new file of 640 x 480 px having 72 dpi resolution and RGB mode. If you like you can use your own size for this.
Fill the background with #1F1F1F color.

Go to edit > fill and fill the background with this pattern. First, select this pattern :-

Set the opacity to 80% and Mode to Multiply as shown :-

This is what you will got after filling the background with pattern :-

Now, select

and draw this shape. Choose any color of your choice as it will be changed after applying the gradient overlay :-

Adjust the nodes as shown

Now, apply thse layer styles :-

Gradient colors #6F1700 & #F0980F :-

The full view of the file after applying above layer styles :-

Now, control+click on its layer name in layer pallate to select it. Create a new layer by pressing shift+ctrl+n together. Fill this layer with similar pattern, but this time reduce the opacity of this layer to 10%

Again with rectangle tool, draw this shape :-

Again, adjust the nodes as shown :-

Apply these layer styles :-

Full view of the image can be seen below :-

Now, rasterize the layer and select the part of the layer with rectangular marquee too and press delete :-

Again create a new layer, fill the layer with pattern (edit>fill) and reducing the opacity to 10% after selecting the layer by control clicking on its layer name in layer pallate.

Create this shape with rectangle tool. I have used #F09F2F color for this block :-

Place your picture :)

Create this block with rectangle tool. I have used #521607 color for this shape :-

Reduce the opacity 46%

Press control+j to duplicate the layer. Press control+t to transform the layer and set the size as shown :-

Draw another block with rectangle tool, use similar color, reduce the opacity to 56% and blending mode to screen :-

Select pencil tool, set the size to 1 pixel and set the spacing as shown :-

Create a new layer, set the foregroud color to #F09F2F and draw the line :-

Draw more lines on similar layer, but this time reduce the spacing :-

Now, draw some blocks with rectangle tool. Use red color for these shapes :-

Add link text :-

Add some text in two blocks :-

Add the name, copyright information etc as shown. Our portfolio layout is complete. I hope you will like it :)

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