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Pixel Shopping Button

Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn to create a nice looking pixel shopping button. Final output of pixel shopping button can be seen below :-

Create a new file of 55 x 18 pixels. Zoom upto 500% . Fill the background with black :-

Select pencil tool. Set the size to 1 pixel. Draw these #D1D6D0 colored lines as shown :-

Draw 1 pixel wide #615F60 lines as shown :-

Select Rectangular marquee tool and draw a selection like shown. Create a new layer for this selection.

Set the foreground to # FBBE27 and background to # 963F03. Select linear gradient and fill the selection as shown :-

Press control+d to deselect. Now, select # 900400 as foreground color and draw some lines for shopping cart as shown in the following figures :-

Original size of the button :-

Finally add text. I have used Pixelade font having 14 point size. I also added little drop shadow and 1 pixel black color stroke in the text.

Our Pixel Shopping button is ready :)

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