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Photoshop Tutorial

Create a new file of 50 x 50 px. Set the background to transparent. Zoom upto 800%. Create a new layer, select Pencil tool, set the size to 1 pixel and draw some lines as shown in the figure :-

Similarly, draw more lines or press control+j to duplicate the layer, go to edit>transform>flip horizontal and adjust the new layer to form the hair shape. Group and merge these two layers :)

Fill the part of the image with #8F4700 color with pencil tool as shown :-

Create another layer (by pressing shift+control+n) and draw some lines with black and #FE9E61 color.

Create another layer and fill the face with #FDD1A0 color. Also add white color horizontal line with pencil tool :-

Draw more lines as shown with white (forhead) and #DE1010 color (mouth) : -

Create another layer and draw some lines for neck with #CE776D.

Fill the neck with #FDD1A0 color.

Create a new layer. Draw these lines for the body :-

Fill the part of the image with #990002 color :-

Again fill the part of the image with White (#FFFFFF); #FF3401 (Dark orange color) and #FF7749 (light orange) colors.

Fill the remaining part of the image with #FF3401 color :-

You now have pixel lady :)

Now, create another layer and draw the lines as shown in the following figures for the callout shape :-

Fill the shape either with the help of pencil tool by selecting white as fill color or by clicking into the blank area where we want the color to be filled with magic wand (w) tool. Uncheck the Anti-aliased option white selecting the area inside the callout shape. Now fill it with white color with paint bucklet tool.

Our pixel chat icon is ready :)

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