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Phone Icon

Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn to create a nice looking phone icon. Final output of this phone icon tutorial can be seen below :-

Phone Icon

Start by creating this shape with pen tool :-

Adjust the nodes as shown :-

Apply these layer styles in it: -

Draw this white color shape with pen tool :-

Draw this #7A9369 colored shape with pen tool :-

Type custom text in it :-

Draw this #6E8FA0 colored circle with ellipse tool. Add 1 pixel black stroke in it :-

Draw lines as shown :-

Draw more buttons having #6E8FA0 color and 1 pixel black stroke :-

Draw this shape with pen tool :-

Adjust the nodes :-

Apply gradient overlay :-

and 1 pixel black color stroke :-

Draw this black color shape :-

Draw another shape with pen tool :-

Apply similar gradient overlay and stroke in it as we applied in previous shape. Add 1 pixel wide line as shown. Our phone icon is ready :)

Phone Icon

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