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PC Speaker Drawing

Photoshop Tutorial

Draw this shape with Rectangle tool :-

Adjust the nodes as shown :-

Apply these layer styles in it :-

With the pen tool, draw this shape :-

Apply Gradient overlay as shown :-

Draw a black color circle as shown :-

Create this gradient and apply gradient overlay in the circle :-

Select this autoshape ( ) and draw a circle as shown :-

Apply gradient overlay as shown :-

Again, draw this circle :-

Apply Bevel and Emboss as shown :-

Draw this white color circle :-

Apply gradient overlay and stroke as shown :-

Draw this #A0A4A5 colored circle as shown :-

Draw another outline with autoshape ( )

Rasterize the layer. Use Smudge tool with 10-15 strength and drag the brush over the circle until you get something like shown in the figure :-

Draw this circle in the middle of the shape :-

Apply Bevel and Emboss as shown :-

Draw small black color circle and one tinny white circle in it with ellipse tool. Group and merge these two layers. Duplicate and place it as shown :-

Our Speaker is ready :)

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