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Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will learn to create a logo for online dating company. We will draw two hearts and a mouse which is the symbol of something related to computers and or web. Start by creating this shape with pen tool.

Adjust the nodes as shown :-

Press control+enter to make selection of the path. Create a new layer by pressing shift+control+n together. Fill the selection with #7E0101 color. Add 2 pixel wide stroke in it.

Press control+j to duplicate the first heart layer. Press control+t to transform the layer. Reduce its size as shown and change the color of the shape by adding color overlay (#FF0000 color). Remove the stroke in it.

Press control and click on its layer name in layer palate to select the shape. Go to select>modify>contract and contract the selection by 2 pixels.

Create a new layer and fill the selection with white :-

Now, select high featherd (I have used 45 pixel brush) eraser and erase the parts as shown: -

Group and merge all the layers. Duplicate the layer and arrange them as shown: -

Now, we will draw a mouse. For that create a new layer and draw the path with the pen tool as shown: -

Adjust the nodes as shown :-

Set the brush size to 3 pixels. Change the foreground color to black. Create a new layer, right click on the path as shown. Select stroke path.

Now draw this shape

this one

And this one with brush tool

Select the pen tool again. Draw the shape as shown. Use medium grey as foreground color while drawing the shape :-

Now, draw this path :-

Create a new layer and stroke the path with black color having 4 pixle brush size.

Draw another path as shown : -

Stroke this path too : -

Finally, add the name of the company. Our dating logo is completed :)

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