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Newspaper Print Effect

Photoshop Tutorial

This simple tutorial teaches you how to convert
your normal picture to newspaper print.
Open your picture.
I have found this picture while searching on google.

Press shift+control+u to desaturate the layer :-

Create a new layer. Fill the background with #74673D. Set the layer mode to color and merge the layer. We are doing this to give a yellowish effect to the image.

Now, go to filter>Texture>Texturizer and apply these values. This will give rough effect to the image :-

Now, we will create a texture to give image a newspaper effect. For this, create a new layer and fill the layer with #A09263.

Go to filter>sketch>Halftone Pattern and apply these values. The background color should be white while applying the filter.

As you can see in our previous image, there are halftone dots, but are slightly larger. We will apply a trick. Press control+t to trasform and reduce the size of patterned layer as shown: -

Duplicate and place and finally merge all the layers of pattern as shown. It will reduce the size of dots and also fill the entire canvas with the small dotted pattern. At last, merge all the pattern layers.

Now, change the layer mode of pattern layer to soft light and reduce the opacity of the layer to 69% :-

Group and merge all the layers (We have 2 layers. 1 : pattern layer & 2: background layer). Our final step is to reduce the saturation to give more realistic newspaper print effect. For this, press control+u and move the Saturation slider to -28.

You have successfully converted your normal image to newspaper print.

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