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Metallic Texture

Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial you will learn to create nice looking embossed metallic texture.
Create a new file of 400 x 400 pixel.
Set the foreground to black and background to white (or simply press the 'D' from the keyboard).
Now, go to filter > render > clouds :-

Now, go to filter > artistic > Dry Brush. Set the brush size, brush detail and texture to 3

Now, go to filter > distort > Ocean Ripple. Set the Ripple size and Ripple Magnitude both to 9.
Press the control+f key after applying the filter for 6 more times (pressing control+f will repeat the last filter) :-

Now, go to filter > texture > Grain. Set the intensity to 60, Contrast to 65 and Grain Type to Enlarged.

Press shift+ctrl+u to desaturate.
Now go to filter > stylize > emboss Set the Angle to -156, Height to 1 pixel and Amount to 369%

Go to Filter > stylize > Diffuse and select Anisotropic :-

Now, go to filter > sharpen > Unshapr Mask. Set the amount to maximum (500), Radius 5.0 pixels and Threshold to 27 levels :-

Go to filter > render > lighting effect and apply these settings :-

As you can see in above image that the texture is too dark.
Our final step is to duplicte the background layer by pressing control+j and changing the blending mode to screen. Press control+e to merge the layers. Our texture is ready :)

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