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Making Pearls

Photoshop Tutorial

Pearls are very popular parts of ornaments and jewelleries. In this tutorial, we will learn to create realistic pearls with the help of basic tools available in photoshop.

Start with creating a new file. Select #FCE0EB color and fill the background of pearls with it. Use ellipse tool to draw a white colored circle as shown:-

Right click on its layer name. Select blending options. Under blending option, click on Inner Glow and select #B9AAB9 color for the inner glow:-

Apply gradient overlay as shown:-

Base of the pearl is ready:-

Create a new layer, select 45 pixel high featherd brush and drag it over the pearl's base as shown:-

Now, with the help of ellipse tool, draw a circle as shown:-

Press "-" from the numeric keypad and draw another circle over the first circle to substract it.

Go to filter>blur>Gussain Blur and blur the remaining part of circle around 5.4 pixels. Do not forget to rasterize the circle layer before applying gussian blur filter. Press control+j to duplicate the layer and place it as shown by the arrow:-

Now, we will add shadow in the pearl. Draw another small oval shape with ellipse tool. Fill it with #E1D4DB color.

Again gussain blur it to have shadow in the pearl.

Our pearl is ready. Group and merge all the pearl layers and and arrange the pearls as you like.

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