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Impressionist Effect

Photoshop Tutorial

Open your image :-

Press control+j to duplicate the layer. Click on Add Layer Mask button as shown to create a mask in the second layer.

Go to image>Apply image :-

Click on thumbnail of layer mask and go to filter>stylize>Glowing Edges and apply these values :-

While layer mask thumbnail still activated, go to filter>Artistic>Cutout and apply these values: -

Now, change the layer style to screen: -

Press control+j to duplicate the layer. Click on layer mask thumbnail and press control+i to invert the colors. Now change this layer's blending mode from Screen to Multipy. If you think your image turned too dark than reduce the opacity of the layer.

Press control+a to select all the layers. Press shift+control+c or go to edit>copy merged. Create a new file and paste the copied file in new file. Press control+j to duplicate the layer. Goto filter>Distort>Ocean Ripple and apply these values :-

Now, press shift+control+f to open fade dialog box. Reduce the opacity to 43%.

Open this texture file. Paste it over the second layer. If you want, you can easily create this texture. First, create a new layer. Fill the background with dark gray color and apply Plastic Wrap filter (Filter>Artistic>Plastic Wrap) setting the highlight strength to 15; detail to 9 and smoothness to 7. Press control+f until you get something like shown in the figure :-

Change the layer style to Hard light. Now, use high feather eraser tool and erase the middle part of the image.

Reduce the opacity of the layer to 44%.

Finally, press control+u. Click on colorize. Set the hue amount to 193, saturation to 50 and lightness to 0.You have successfully converted your image to sx-70 style manipulation.

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