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Halloween Pumpkin

Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial teaches you to draw Halloween Pumkin. Final output of Halloween Pumpkin tutorial can be seen below :-

Halloween pumpkin

Draw this shape with pen tool. Use #E9891B color to fill the shape :-

Adjust the nodes as shown to form the shape :-

Apply stroke as shown :-

On the tip, draw this shape with pen tool. Use # 8E8355 color for that :-

Draw more shapes with pen tool. Use # 504414 color for these shapes :-

Draw this #FA9221 colored shape.

Draw another #FCA33F colored shape :-

Now, draw this shape for the left eye. Color used = # FFCA10:-

Draw another shape. Color used = #FFCC0F

Color used = #644D00

Now, for the right eye, draw this # FED501 colored shape :-

Draw another # FBBC15 colored shape as shown :-

Draw this shape. Color used = #634900

You have drawn two eyes :)

Now, draw this #FACF04 colored shape for the nose :-

Draw another #5E4C02 colored shape :-

Nose and eyes are complete. Now, we will draw mouth :-

Draw this shape. Color used = #FAD900

Draw this #624907 colored shape :-

Now draw these #5F4C0A colored lines with pen tool to complete the Halloween pumkin :)

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