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Gold Text Effect

Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will learn to create gold text effect.

Create a new file. Fill the background with medium gray. Type "Gold" with Times New Roman 100 point font.

Apply Gradient overlay as shown:-

Image after applying above layer style.

Press control+j to duplicate the layer. Hide the original layer by clicking on the eye icon in its name in layer pallate. Click on the duplicate layer to activate it. Control+click on its layer name in layer pallate to select it.
Go to select>modify>contract and contract the selection to 2 pixels.

Image after contracting the selection :-

Press shift+control+i to invert the selection. Press alt+control+shift and click on the text layer name in layer pallate to select it. Your selection will be like this :-

Create another layer. Fill the selection with color values shown in figure by gradient tool.

Apply these layer styles in it:-

Image after applying above layer styles :-

Now, unhide the original type layer. Move it to 4 pixel right side :-

Add these layer styles in it.

Image after applying above layer styles :-

Create another layer. Set the foreground color to white. Select this brush size.

Draw some stars over the gold text. Our nice looking gold text effect is completed.

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Gold Text Effect Tutorial | Photoshop Gold Text Effect Tutorial | Learn to Create a Gold Text Effect