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Select Rounded Rectnagle tool ( ). Set the radius to 3 px ( ). Set the background to any color you want. Draw the shape as shown :-

Press control+j to duplicate the layer. Hide the original layer. Select eraser tool and set the brush size to 27 px.

Erase the part of the shape as shown: -

Now, unhide the original or the base layer.

Control+click on its layer name in layer pallate to select it. Go to select>Modify>Contract and contract the selection by 1 pixels. Press control+i to invert the selection. Press shift+control+alt together and click on its layer name in layer pallate to select a border of 1 pixel.

Hide the original layer again. We will not use it again, if you want you can safely delete this layer. Now, create this gradient.

Create another layer. Select Gradient tool. Select Linear gradient and fill the selection as shown: -

Now, erase the left and right border of the layer.

Select the upper border with rectangular marquee tool. Copy and paste it twice. Place the two layers as shown. Also, reduce the layer opacity to 30%.

Group and merge all layers and add drop shadow as shown: -

Our final step is to add some text. Also add little drop shadow in it. Transparent glass button is ready :)

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