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Glamour Effect

Photoshop Tutorial

This adobe photoshop 7.0 tutorial teaches you to apply Glamour Effect to your picture. Although, this glamour effect can work on any image, but those images which are having jewellery will look more glamourous.

Open your image :-

Photoshop Glamour Effect

For applying Glamour Effect, we have to duplicate the layer (by pressing control+j), desaturating (pressing shift+control+u) and adding layer mask (click on add layer mask button).

Now, go to image>Apply Image as shown: -

With layer mask thumbnail selected, go to filter>stylize>find edges which will outline the edges in the image.
Your layer pallate and images should look like this :-

Photoshop Glamour Effect

Now, click on layer's thumbnail and apply Gaussian Blur filter (Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur )

GAUSSIAN Blur) as shown: -

You now have Glamour Effect in your image :) You can print out your image using high quality printer ink.

Photoshop Glamour Effect

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