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Gel Text Effect

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Text filled with gel is very common these days. This tutorial covers that effect with simple steps so that even beginner can learn to create these kind of good looking effects.

Start by typing text of your choice. I have typed "FM" with freely available font War Machine. As you can see, I have choosen black color as the font base and 100 point size.

Press control+j to duplicate the layer. Click on the eye icon next to the "FM copy" to hide it. We will use it later. Click on the text layer "FM".

Now, apply these layer styles in it:-

Text layer, after applying above layer styles.

Now comes the important part : to give shiny effect to text. You can use various techniques like: filling the text layer with white>contracting the selection>inverting the selection>deleting outer bounderies of text and blurring it by gaussian blur filter, but you have to be very accurate, if you are very beginner. The technique described below is very easy, and in my view it gives very good glossy effect to the text :)

Firstly, activate the "FM" copy text layer. Now, go to Filter>Artistic>Plastic Wrap.

Text layer after applying Plastic wrap filter.

Change the layer mode from Normal to screen.

Your gel filled "FM" is ready to rock :)

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