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Faded Dream Effect

Photoshop Tutorial

This Adobe Photoshop 7.O teaches you to create a nice looking fading dream effect to your pictue.
Open your image. Desaturate the image by pressing shift+control+u.

Press control+j to duplicate the layer. Click on the Add layer mask icon to add layer mask in Layer1.

Go to Image>Apply Image :-

Be sure that image in the masked area is active. Press control+i to invert the image.

Now, change top layer's blending mode to Color Dodge.

Press control+e to merge the layers. Now go to Image>Adjust>Variation and give these values :-

Press control+j to duplicate the layer. Change its blending mode to sceen and go to filter>Blur>Motion Blur apply these settings :-

Angle = 90 degree
Distance = 50 pixel

Again press control+e to merge all layers. Press control+j to duplicate the layer for the last time :)

. Set the layer's blending mode to Exclusion and reduce the opacity to 27%. You now have faded dream effect :)

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