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Drawing a Mailbox

Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn to draw nice looking mailbox icon. Final output of this mailbox icon tutorial can be seen below :-

Start by drawing this shape with pen tool. This will be the base of our mailbox :-

Adjust the nodes of mailbox after zooming in to 200% as shown :-

Apply gradient overlay and stroke in the mailbox as shown :-

Due to similar white background, stroke effect of our mailbox is not visible here :)

Now, draw this shape with pen tool :-

Adjust the nodes. Change the shape color to #AFAFAF.

Now, draw this shape. Use #BFBFBF as shown :-

Draw a white color line with 1 pixel wide line tool as shown :-

Draw this red color flag shape in our mailbox with pen tool :-

Apply drop shadow in it as shown :-

Draw this white color shape above the mailbox with pen tool :-

Reduce its opacity around 40%. Our mailbox is ready to receive mails :)

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