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Drawing a Bee

Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn to draw a bee.:-
Start by drawing this shape with Ellipse tool :-

Apply gradient overlay as shown :-

Image after applying above layer style :-

Now, again with ellipse tool, draw this shape behind the first shape (Press shift+ctrl+{ to send it back)

Apply similar layer style in it. (You can right click on the layer's name in layer pallate and select copy layer style in the layer whose style you want to copy and then select the target layer in which you want to paste the layer style. Right click on that target layer and select paste layer style)

Now, select pen tool and draw some shapes as shown :-

Draw this shape with pen tool. I have select #DFF1EF as foreground color while drawing this shape and then reduced the opacity of this layer to 69% after drawing.

Duplicate this layer and place it as shown (Press control+j to duplicate the layer and go to Edit>Transform>Flip Horizontal and move the layer to your desired location ) :-

Now, select rounded rectangle tool. Set the radius to 6 px and draw a shape behind our second shape with black color.

Draw a small shape as shown with the help of rectangle tool :-

Create a new layer (press shift+ctrl+n), set the brush size to 2 px and draw these shapes. Our bee is ready :)

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