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Draw a CD

Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial teaches you to draw a cd. Final output of this cd tutorial can be seen below :-

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Fill the background with gray color. Draw a circle using ellipse tool having white color in it:-

Apply drop shadow as shown :-

After applying drop shadow, rasterize the layer (right click on its layer name in layer pallate and select rasterize)

Create a new layer by pressing shift+ctrl+n. Draw a selection as shown and fill the selection with #168DCB.

Draw a selection with rectangular marquee tool.

Press delete :-

Select this autoshpae :-

Drag the guides in the middle of the first layer as shown. Draw the white color shape as shown :-

Draw another #CBA28F color circle as shown :-

Draw 1 pixel wide #168DCB lines with line tool as shown :-

Now, merge all the layers but not the first layer. Make a selection either with elliptical maruqee tool or with magic wand tool as shown :-

Press delete for two times. Firt it will delete the second layer, then the first one.

Finally, add custom text. Our cd is ready :)

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