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Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial teaches you to create nice looking Download Icon. Final output of the Download Icon can be seen below :-

download icon First we will draw floppy which means storage. Draw this shape with rounded rectangle tool having 4 pixel radius.

Apply gradient overlay & stroke as shown: -

Draw this dark gray colored shape with rectangle tool :-

Apply Bevel & Emboss as shown: -

Draw black color shape with rectangle tool :-

Draw this white color shape again with rectangle tool :-

Add 1 pixel wide black color lines in it: -

Draw small dark gray color square with rectangle tool at the left top part of the floppy :-

Group and merge all layers. Duplicate the layer and send it to back. Rotate it around 15 degree.

Now select this autoshape : -

Draw the shape as shown :-

Apply gradient overlay and stroke as shown: -

Control+click on its layer name in layer pallate to select it. Go to .jpg">

Select>Modify>Contract and contract the selection by 1 pixel. Create a new layer and fill the layer by selecting #EA7440 as foreground and white as background color. Select linear gradient and fill the shape. Press control+d to deselect and change the layer style from normal to screen.

Group and merge these two layers. ( arrow layer and glossy layer). Erase the top part of the shape.
Download Icon is ready :)

download icon

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