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Design Torn Paper

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This tutorial teaches you to design a torn paper. Final output of this torn paper can be seen below :-

torn paper

First, we will draw the base of our torn paper. For that, use rectangular marquee tool ( torn paper) and draw a selection as shown. Note that I have used dark gray color as background color.

torn paper

Create a new layer. This will be the base of our torn paper. Fill the selection with white :-

torn paper

Now, select Line tool as shown :-

torn paper

Draw some lines as shown with #98BACD color. If you want you can draw lines having more gap :-

torn paper

Group and merge all the line layers. After that, merge the torn paper base layer and this line layer too. Now select polygonal lasso tool ( ) and draw a selection as shown.

torn paper

Press shift+control+j to create a layer of this selection. If you watch closely, you will see intersecting line between the two layers.

Now move this newly created layer 1 pixel right hand side. The line has been disappeared :-

Press control+t to transform the layer. Press control and drag the lower left node of this layer until you get something like shown in the next figure :-

Now group and merge this laye with the previous layer. Its time to apply drop shadow in the layer to have a more realistic look :-

Use small (around 5-6 pixel) soft featherd brush to erase the corners of the paper.

Again select rectangular marquee tool and select the part of this torn paper as shown :-

Create a new layer by pressing shift+ctrl+n together. Fill the selection with #848484 color.

Select the lower half part of this layer. Press shift+ctrl+j to make a layer via cut.

Finally, lower down the opacity of this layer to 66%. Our torn paper which is sticked on the wall is ready :)

torn paper

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