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Dentist Logo

Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn to create a logo for a dentist. We will first draw teeth and than stethoscope, which is the symbol of doctors and combined them to form a logo. Overall meaning of the logo is "Dentist".

Start by creating this path from pen tool.

Adjust the nodes as shown in the following figures :-

Press control+enter to make selection of the path. Create a new layer and fill the selection with #E0E0E0 color.

Apply these layer styles in int :-

Image after applying above layer styles :-

Now, with ellipse tool, draw the circle, selecting white as foreground color.

Apply similar inner shadow and 1 pixel wide stroke in the circle. Next, draw a smaller black color circle in the middle of the eye.

Group and merge two eye layers. Press control+j to duplicate the layer and place the layer as shown :-

Teeth must be smiling, which means happy & healthy teeth. Draw the path with pen tool.

Create a new layer. Set the brush size to 4 pixel. Right click on the path and select stroke path. Select brush in the options and click ok.

Happy teeth is completed. Now, we will draw stethoscope. Start by creating the path with pen tool.

Create a new layer for this. Stroke the path with 4 pixel wide brush, selecting #CFCFCF as foreground color.

Similarly, draw another shape as shown above :-

Use ellipse tool to draw two black color small circles as shown :-

Draw another path as shown :-

Stroke the path with 4 pixel brush, selecting black as foreground color.

Draw another path as shown :-

Stroke the path :-

Draw #A1A1A1 colored circle as shown. Control+click on its layer name to select it. Go to select>modify>contract and contract the selection to 2 pixels. Create another layer and fill the outline by going to Edit>stroke and selecting #7B7B7B color.

Now, select this autoshape

Draw the autoshape over the shape as shown.

Finally, add the name and our logo is ready :)

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