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Cricket Club Logo

Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial, we will learn to create a nice looking logo for a cricket club. Final output can be seen below:-

Start by creating "wickets" as described below..jpg">

Select pen tool and draw these three simple shapes:-

Apply Gradient overlay as shown: -

Image after applying Gradient overlay:-

Now, we will create "bails". For that, draw this shape with the help of pen tool.

Apply Gradient Overlay as shown:-

Image after applying gradient overlay:-

Draw 4 oval shae with the help of ellipse tool.

Apply similar gradient overlay, as we applied for bails:-

Now, we will draw a ball. For that, create a circle with Ellipse tool:-

Apply Gradient overlay and stroke as shown: -

Ball, after applying above layer styles:-

Draw some small blocks with line tool.

Now, draw this shape with the autoshapes available in the list of autoshapes.

Again, draw a circle behind the autoshape. Fill it with light blue to white, linear gradient.

Finally, add the name of cricket club. Our cricket club logo is completed :)

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