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In this tutorial, you will learn to create a comment icon.
Click on the rounded rectangle tool to select it. Set the radius to 5 pixel. Set the foreground color to #FF9933 and draw this shape. This will be the base of pencil.

Zoom upto 300%. Now, select rectalge tool. We will used this tool to substract the path from the top layer. Press '-' sign from numeric keypad and draw a shape with rectangle tool as shown. You will see that the path is substracted now :)

Now, apply stroke as shown :-

Draw this #FF99CC color shape with rounded rectangle tool. Do not change the radius.

Again, substract the shape :-

Draw this white color shape :-

Add 2 pixel stroke :-

And inside the shape, draw a gray color shape with rectangle or line tool :-

Draw this shape with rectangle tool. Use #FFFF00 color for it :-

Draw this #FFFF99 color shape :-

Now, select pen tool and draw #FFCCCC color shape as shown :-

Add 2 pixel black color stroke :-

Draw this black color triangular shape with pen tool :-

And, just above this shape, draw a small circle to give it a slightly rounded edge :-

Now, group and all the layers and rotate it as shown :-

Draw this shape with rounded rectangle tool. Use 8 pixel radius this time :-

Apply these layer styles :-

Finally, draw #666666 color lines with line tool to finish the drawing of comment icon.

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