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Clock Icon

Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial teaches you to design a nice looking Clock Icon. Final output can be seen below :-

Start by creating an ellipse with ellipse tool :-

Apply these layer styles in it: -

Create another small circle inside the first circle :-

Apply these layer styles in it :-

Create another white color circle inside the second circle 1 pixel smaller then the second circle.

Rasterize the layer if you have draw the thrid circle with ellipse tool. Use high feather eraser tool to erase the most of the bottom part of the circle.

Now draw these for tinny circles. Color used in circles are #FA9E48 & #FE3B07.

Now, draw this black circle with ellipse tool :-

Draw these two shapes with rectangle tool. Rotate them to have a shape like shown in the figure :-

Draw a tinny circle in the middle of the black circle. Apply these gradient overlay as shown :-

Now, group and merge all the arm layers. Apply drop shadow as shown: -

Finally draw a line as shown in the figure with line tool. Our clock icon is ready :)

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