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This tutorial teaches you to draw nice looking fruits, which can be used in any graphic design project including logos. Final output of this fruit drawing tutorial can be seen below :-

Draw this shape with ellipse tool.

Apply gradient overlay as shown :-

Draw another #E10777 colored circle with ellipse tool just over the first layer :-

Click on '-' sign on numeric keypad and select ellipse tool once again. Draw a bigger circle as shown in the figure to substract the area :-

Now, with the help of pen tool, draw this shape. Use gradient overlay as shown in the next figure :-

Draw two white color shapes with pen tool :-

Draw a tinny black color circle with ellipse tool.

Create a new layer. Draw the stem with 3 pixel brush. Use #6F3A1D as foreground color while drawing the stem.

Duplicate this layer. Go to edit>transform>flip horizontal and place it as shown :-

Now, hide the stemp and background layers by clicking on the eye icon next to their names in layer pallate. Now, go to layer>merge visible. All the visible layers will be merged. Duplicate that layer and unhide the background and two stem layer by clicking on the blank box next to their names :-

Draw this shape with rectangle tool :-

Apply gradient overlay as shown :-

Now, select this leaf autoshape :-

And, draw leaf as shown :-

I have applied gradient overlay in the leaf layer (#40B953 as foreground and #80CE78 as background color; angle was set to -45 degree) and #B3E098 colored lines with 1 pixel wide line tool as shown :-

Group and merge all the leaf layers and duplicate the layer by pressing control+j. Transform it horizontally and place it as shown.

Our fruit drawing is ready for your projects :)

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