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Chat Button

Photoshop Tutorial

This tutorial teahes you to design a chat button. The final output of this chat button tutorial can be seen below :-

Draw this circle with ellipse tool. Use #76AEF0 as fill color :-

Apply these layer styles :-

Select this layer by control+click on its layer's name in layer pallate.

Create a new layer. Change the foreground and background colors to black & white by pressing 'D'. Now press 'x' to swap the colors. Use gradient tool (foreground to transparent) to fill this selection.

Press control+d to deselect. Control+J to copy and place this layer as shown :-

Use pen tool to draw this shape :-

Adjust the nodes as shown :-

Use line tool

with 2 px weight

and draw the lines as shown. Our chat button is ready :)

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