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In this tutorial, we will learn to convert a normal picture to canvas print. Final outcome of this tutorial can be seen below :-

Open your image. Press shift+control+u to desaturate the image :-

We now colorize this layer. For that, set the foreground color to #C78C66 and background to #F0E6A9. Select gradient tool. Set the blending mode of gradient to color and fill the image with this gradient from top to bottom :-

canvas print

Press control+j to duplicate the layer. Set the blending mode to linear light. Set the opacity of this layer to 57%. Now, press control+l to open the levels dialog box and set the values written below :-

Channel = RGBinput levels 0 1.00 164

canvas print

Press control+e to merge all the layers. Now, we will use the texturizer filter to give it a canvas look. For that, go to filter>texture>texturizer and give these values :-

canvas print

Our image is almost ready. We will now apply lighting effect to give it more classic look. Go to Filter>Render>Lighting Effects and apply the settings as shown in the figure below :-

You have successfully converted your picture to a canvas print :)

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