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Learn to draw nice looking calendar icon with this tutorial. Final output of the tutorial can be seen below: -

Start by creating this shape with the rectangle tool :-

Select rounded rectangle tool. Set the radius to 10 pixels and draw a round cornered rectangle of the first shape. Group and merge these two layers after you get something like shown in the figure :-

Apply these layer styles in it: -

Control click on its layer's name in layer pallate to select it. Go to select>modify>contract and contract the selection by 2 pixels as shown: -

Create a new layer by pressing shift+ctrl+n together. Go to Edit > Stroke. Set the stroke color to #3972AA, Location to Center, Blending to Normal and Width to 1 pixel as shown in the following figure :-

I have zoomed in to draw a small shape with the help of rectangle tool :-

Apply these layer styles in it: -

Duplicate and place the layers as shown: -

Now, draw this shape with rectangle tool :-

Apply these layer styles in it: -

Duplicate and arrange the shape as shown:-

Type any text of your choice :-

Apply drop shadow as shown :-

Our nice lookign calendar icon is ready :)

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