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Cabinet Icon

Photoshop Tutorial

Start by creating this shape with pen tool.

Add gradient overlay as shown:-

Image after applying gradient overlay :-

Similarly, draw two more shapes to form a box :-

Add 2 pixel wide #FOC381 color lines as shown:-

Draw another shape as shown :-

Apply similar layer style (gradient overlay) in it.

Add 2 pixel wide #E8B567 color line as shown:-

Draw 4 two pixel wide line of #954F13 color as shown: -

Again draw this shape with pen tool:-

Draw this shape

And this one with pen tool. Fill with similar gradient as we filled the most of the shapes.

Draw another shape with Pen tool

Add #FOC381 colored 2 pixel wide lines as shown: -

Draw a black color shape with rectangle tool :-

Add these layer styles in it :-

Finally copy the shape and place it as shown. Our Cabinet icon is ready.

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