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Busy Man Image

Photoshop Tutorial

Select Pen tool and draw the path as shown :-

For better viewing, I have removed the dots on the path :-

Now, select convert point tool

Adjust the nodes to have this shape.

Create a new layer by pressing shift+control+n together. Press control+enter to make a selection of the path. Fill the selection with black color.

Draw path with pen tool as shown. Adjust the nodes to have the second shape.

Press Control+Enter again to select the path. Create another layer and fill the selection with #E3A475.

Now, right click on its layer name and select blending options. Select stroke and add 1 pixel wide black color stroke in it.

Complete the face drawing by the help of brush tool. Draw different lines as shown:-

Again, select the pen tool and draw this path :-

Adjust the nodes as shown:-

Select the path, create new layer and fill the selection with white. Also add 1 pixel black color stroke in it.

With the help of pen tool or brush, draw some lines as shown:-

Draw the tie with pen tool.

Use the similar technique as described above. Follow the images to create the busy man.

Draw a white color circle with ellipse tool and add 1 pixel stroke in it. It will surve as wrist watch.

Draw some lines on second hand

Finally add some lines which represents the motion and a briefcase to finish the drawing. Click the link below to see the final outcome of the tutorial.

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