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Bowling Pins

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In this tutorial, you will learn to draw bowling pins. Final output of this tutorial can be seen below :-
bowling pin
Select the pen tool, click on the path and draw the path as shown :-
Adjust the nodes as shown :-
Now, press control+enter to create a selection of the path. Create a new layer by pressing shift+ctrl+n together. Fill the selection with white color. Press control+d to deselect and apply Inner shadow as shown :-
Draw this #E9302D colored shape with pen tool :-
Draw another shape :-
Draw this #B0BC89 colored shape at the bottom :-
Apply inner shadow in it :-
Create a new layer. Select 5 pixel brush and draw a white color line over the top red color shape :-
Apply gaussian blur (Filter>blur>Gaussian Blur; amount 2 pixels). Our bowling pin is ready.
This is just another example of using the drawing in your projects.

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