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This tutorial covers the basics of paint tools (Brush and Pencil Tool).

Brush tool applies color in continuous form. Select 21 point soft brush and draw a vertical line by clicking at the starting point and than press shift key and click on the end point. You will have something like shown in the figure :-

What happens if continuously hold the mouse button? Nothing will happen if you have selected only the brush tool. But if you enable the airbrush option , something special will happen. When you hold the mouse button after enabling the airbrush option , it continuously applies color in that area. See the figure below. I held the mouse button for sometime at the start and end point. The figure shows the result :-

Now, do one more thing. Reduce the flow opacity to around 50%. Start dragging the brush from top to bottom. The result is a buildup of color at the start and at the end of the stroke.

If you want hard edges to your stroke, use pencil tool. The line shown below is drawn with 21 point pencil tool.

Now, click on the Auto Erase in option bar and click anywhere in the line. You will notice that it erased the area where we clicked.

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