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Bakery Text

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In this tutorial, you will learn to design a bakery text. Final output of this bakery text tutorial can be seen below :-

Click on Horizontal Type Mask Tool :-

I have used the free font Creampuff having 100 font size and typed the text :

Create a new layer for this selection. Now, create a gradient as shown :-

New layer after filling with linear gradient (the first gradient fill in the option bar) :-

Press control+d to deselect and apply these layer styles :-

Our base of bakery text is ready :-

Now, we will create intersecting embosed lines, which you can see on various bakery products, particularly in Biscuits.

Create a new selection over the first layer :-

Fill it with #D3AB92 color.

Set the foreground to #D3AB92 and background color to #78513F. Apply Halftone Pattern as shown to create those lines :-

As you can see in the above figure, we dont have separate lines. I guess you know what will be our next step to remove the background color of the lines :). Anyway, go to select>color range and click on the background color (lighter color) and press delete. You will get something like this.

Press control+t to transform the layer and rotate it to get the results shown in the figure below :-

To have lines only in the text, you may select the area which is not of our use and remove them by pressing delete. But it will take time and you will need to work hard to get desired results. The quick method is to create a clipping mask between these two layers. Press alt key from the keyboard and click in between the names of two layers. The lines which are not in the range of first layer are actully hidden and we only see the desired lines.

Now, apply Bevel and Emboss as shown :-

This is what we get after applying Bevel and Emboss :-

As you can see in the previous figure, the intersecting lines are dark. To give more realistic feeling, I reduced the fill opacity of the line layer to 62%.

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