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Artistic Text

Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn to design artistic text. Final output of this artistic text tutorial can be seen below :-

Start by typing "hi" with Arial Black font having 120 point size and #FF0101 color

Duplicate the type layer by pressing control+j. Change the font color to #FFEB00.

Now, go to filter>distort>Ripple and apply these settings :-

Press control+f for 8-9 times until you get something like this :-

Now, go to filter>render>lighting effect. Select "hi Transparency" in texture channel with these settings :-

Press shift+ctrl+alt keys together, click in between two type layers to create a clipping mask.

Now, click on the first type layer (the red colored layer) and apply these layer styles in it: -

Your artistic text is ready :)

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