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Applying Makeup

Photoshop Tutorial

In this adobe photoshop 7.0 tutorial you will learn to apply makeup to a girl. Open your image.

Select Smudge tool and apply these settings :-

Drag the smudge tool over the face, leaving eyes and lips.

Now, go to filter>distort>Diffuse glow and apply these settings: -

Now, select Sponge tool :-

Apply these settings :-

Drag the tool over the eyes :-

Now, select soft featherd brush. Set the foreground color to #F98B8B. Set the opacity to 5% and drag the brush as shown: -

Increase the opacity the brush from 5% to 15% and drag the brush over the eyes and lips :-

Finally, go to filter>Render>Lighting Effects and apply these values :-

Our image is ready :)

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Applying Makeup Tutorial | Photoshop Applying Makeup Tutorial | Learn to Apply Makeup in Photoshop