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Photoshop Tutorial

In this tutorial, you will learn to create nice looking logo for a Agriculture company. Final output of the tutorial can be seen below :-

Start by drawing a circle by elliptical marquee tool. Create a new layer by pressing shift+control+n together and fill the selection with #99D5ED.

While, selection is still active, go to Select > Modify > Contract and contract the selection by 2 pixels :-

Right click on selection while any selection tool is active, select feather and feather the selection by 5 pixels :-

Press delete.

Now, create this circle and fill the layer with #6FB167 color.

Apply gradient overlay as shown: -

Now, select this autoshape ( ) Draw a leaf with it having #F1922F color.

Rasterize the leaf layer. Control+click on its layer name in layer pallate to select it. Go to select>modify>contract and this time contract the selection by 1 pixel. Fill the selection with #FCE702 color.

Duplicate this leaf layer by pressing control+j. Go to Edit > Transform > Flip horizontal and place it as shown. Group and merge these two leaves : -

Press control+j for 2 times and arrange these layers as shown: -

Use line tool to draw 2 pixel wide line of #F1922F color.

With the autoshape, draw another leaf. Rasterize the layer and remove the lower part of the leaf.

Finally, group and merge all the plant layers. Add these layer styles in it :-

Type the name of your company. Our Agriculture company logo is ready :)

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