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Abstract Texture

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This tutorial teaches you to desing an abstract background, which looks very attractive and cool. We will use Gradient, 2 filters (Glass & Emboss), layer style (mainly Lighten) and transform the object to have a cool background.

Click on Gradient tool (or simply press "g" from keyboard) and select Copper gradient as shown in the figure :-

Create a new file of 300 x 300 pixel size. Select Reflected Gradient ( ) and fill the bacground from top to bottom.

Now, go to filter>Distort>Glass and give these values :-

Image after applying glass filter :-

Press control+t to transform the layer as shown :-

And, change its layer style to Screen :-

Press control+e to merge the layer. Go to filter>stylize>Emboss and give these values.

As you can see the Emboss filter has turned the image to nice looking abstract piece.

Press control+j to duplicate the background layer and press control+t to transform the layer as shown:-

Press enter and change the layer mode to Lighten.

Duplicate the layer 3 more times to have an image like shown :-

To give more contrast to the image, merge all the layers. Duplicate the background layer (you will only have background layer if you merge all the layers) and change its layer style to Multiply. You now have nice looking abstract background.

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