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Abstract Background

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Create a new file of 800 x 600 pixel. Fill the background with black color. Create a new layer by pressing shift+control+n together. Fill this layer with black color too. Now go to Filter > Render > Lens Flare and give these values. Move the Flare Center to the middle of document while applying Lens Flare Filter.

Now press control+t and squeeze the shape as shown :-

Move the layer to the middle of the document. Press control+j to duplicate the layer. Press control+t and transform the layer as shown: -

Change the blending mode of this layer to Lighten :-

Press control+j for two times and transform the layer to form a flower like shape as shown in the figure :-

Group and merge all the layers. You should have single background layer. Now, go to filter>Distort>Wave and apply these settings :-

Press control+j to duplicate the layer. Remove the Lock of this layer by clicking on the lock icon present in the layer pallate. Now, go to filter>Distort>Twirl and apply these values :-

Change the blending mode of this layer to screen :-

Now, duplicate and transform the layers until you get the shape like shown in following figures :-

Finally, group and merge all layers. Press control+u to open Hue/Saturation dialog box. Click on colorize and set the values by moving the sliders as shown in the figure :-

Increase the brightness and contrast of the layer by adjusting the values levels (Pressing control+L will open level dialog box) Our nice looking abstract background is ready :)

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